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About Us

We know you do not have all day to wait in line at the pharmacy, that is why our focus is on quality yet efficient care.

Our staff will make sure that your needs are attended to quickly and correctly. Feel free to ask our pharmacists questions about your medications and services; we want you to leave confident and informed about your health regimen.

In addition to effective and efficient service, we also off extensive over the counter selections and boast one of the largest support stocking section in St. George!

Our Pharmacists

Evan Stapley, RPh.

Evan is the previous owner since 1979. He is the father to Brad and Aaron. Loves to give hugs and shake hands.

Brett Petersen, PharmD.

Brett is the Pharmacy Manager of our Downtown Pharmacy location. He loves his puppies and is heavily into cryptocurrency.

Chris Christensen, PharmD.

Chris is the Pharmacy Manager of Dino Pharmacy. Chris has operated Dino since it opened its doors. Chris has 2 boys and 2 girls and loves the Boston Red Sox.

Aaron Stapley, PharmD.

Aaron is the Pharmacy Manager of our Enterprise Pharmacy location. Aaron has 4 daughters and loves the community of Enterprise.

Scott Joens, Pharmacist

Scott loves golf! He previously owned a pharmacy in Estes Park, CO. Loves playing the keys and singing in his church band.

Marj Joens, Pharmacist

Marj loves golf and enjoys doing the medication therapy management for the pharmacy and visiting with everyone.

Branden Parker, PharmD.

Branden was raised in a pharmacy and loves horse races or anything fast.

Sterling Coons, PharmD.

Sterling is a recent addition to the team. Loves being a dad and encouraging his boys to be boys.